The Mass Fatality Identification System (M-FISys) Project for Iraqi MOH





Alqiffaf scintific Co. win a project to supply first DNA database with matching system to Iraqi MOH - Institute of Forensic Medicine to use it in forensic applaction and mass craves and the The Mass Fatality Identification System (M-FISys) is a complete solution for DVI & Missing Persons casework , wherever there is the need for DNA identification of human remains, M-FISys is uniquely able to make sense of huge quantities of data and to assist in the task



of victim identification. Even when ante-mortem data is unavailable, M-FISys' kinship analysis lets family members know if remains collected from a disaster belong to their missing relatives. In addition to forming a valuable addition to the emergency response repertoire on a national or local level, M-FISys is also able to handle data from large-scale civil incidents such as air crashes, where human remains are frequently fragmented.

Our company complate the last phase ( training the customer in our training center on Amman - Jordan )

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